The World’s Most Wonderful Chocolate Museums You Must Visit


Here’s an idea – for your next vacation, visit one of the most delicious chocolate museums in the world. You will be amazed at what can be made out of chocolate and you will hardly be able to take your eyes off these crafts. In some of them you will get the chance to see how chocolate is made and even to get some free samples. But until then, let’s take a trip around the world following the delicious path of chocolate.


1. Les Secrets du Chocolate, France

When the museum is called “The Secrets of Chocolate,” those are some secrets we want to unravel. Located just a few minutes from Strasbourg, this museum takes its visitors to a journey of discovering the mysteries of cocoa, the stories of origins of chocolate and the ways chocolate is made.

But this museum is more than just a tour around the wonderful chocolate delicacies, it involves the visitors by teaching them how to taste chocolate and how to make some of the treats. You can join a workshop to learn how to work with chocolate, or you can just sit at their restaurant and get lost in the amazing taste of French chocolate.

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