Things to do in Juticalpa, Honduras 


Juticalpa is the capital of the Honduran department Olancho, a rural and rugged department that spreads out over 24,000 square kilometers. Because Juticalpa is the capital of the department, it has a fair amount of tourist attractions and other points of interest to visitors.

Anyone planning to travel to Juticalpa should check out at least some of the items on this list. The older parts of the city feature older buildings made of timber and mud as well as cobblestone streets. There are several hotels in Juticalpa, many of them featuring air conditioning and other modern conveniences.

1. Parks.

Like other cities originally founded by Spaniards, Juticalpa has a central park area in the heart of the city. The central park is a great place to sit back and relax in the shade of some trees while enjoying the sights and sounds of the city. Directly east of the park is the cathedral and to the west is the city building along with many other historic buildings that date back a few centuries.


Vendors frequent the park, giving you the opportunity to try out some green mangos mixed with salt and hot sauce or to buy some souvenirs with a distinctly Olancho flavor. If you want a more peaceful park experience, on the south end of the city there is a second park across the street from the university, which is not nearly as popular. Sitting in that park you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the Honduran countryside, including the occasional flock of parakeets.

2. Cerro de la Cruz.

You will notice there is a hill that overlooks the entire city, with a large cross on it. Called Cerro de la Cruz or Cross Hill, you can hike to it from the central park area in just a few minutes. Stairs lead from the nearby street up the hill to the cross. Large cement pads with railings provide you with a panoramic view of the city and an excellent backdrop for photographs.

3. Hiking.

There are several mountains within a short drive of Juticalpa, each with its own set of hiking trails. Many of these trails lead through some pretty rugged areas so wear a good set of boots and take supplies with you. Those who are adventurous enough will be rewarded with some incredible natural beauty not found in many other parts of the world.

4. Shopping.

Like other cities in Latin America, Juticalpa has an outdoor mercado where you can buy all kinds of items, including some souvenirs. Plenty of local shops line the main roads, including numerous clothing stores that sell traditional Honduran outfits as well as stores with local artwork for sale. Those wanting a more upscale shopping experience can check out the new indoor mall located at the end of the street Boulevard Los Poetas.

5. Restaurants.

While the restaurant selection in Juticalpa is nowhere near as diverse as what you might find in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, there are still quite a few restaurants in the city. Visitors will find places to eat both on the main roads and tucked in some side streets. Available cuisines include Chinese, Italian, traditional Honduran, at least one restaurant with traditional American cuisine and some steak houses. Because of the hot and humid weather, ice cream shops are in high supply, with one located on about each commercial block of the city.