Walt Disney World Without Children


It’s no secret that Walt Disney World draws masses of families with children to its theme parks each year.  Even  the mention of Walt Disney World conjures up images of child-friendly characters such as Mickey Mouse and his cartoon companions.  While Disney certainly provides a draw for families with little ones, Disney can be enjoyed just as much by adults.  Here are some ways to enjoy Disney World without children.

1. Plan to visit when crowds are at their lowest. 

Times of the year when schools are on break tend to be the busiest at Walt Disney World, meaning long lines and lots of waiting for rides and other attractions.  For your adult-only vacation, try to avoid visiting in the summer, when lots of families take their vacations.  Spring break season and around the holidays are also crowded.  If your schedule allows it, visit Walt Disney World in the fall or in the early months of the year before spring break, when schools are in session.  Not only will you be able to do and see more in the parks, but you’ll also be able to save some money if you plan to stay on  Disney property, since rates at Disney resorts tend to be lower at these times of the year.

2. Be sure to visit Downtown Disney. 

This area can be a great escape from the theme parks, featuring  a great array shopping, dining, and entertainment venues.  Downtown Disney stays open into the wee hours of the morning and includes bars and restaurants that will be sure to please adult visitors.  Parking and entrance to Downtown Disney are free of charge, which doesn’t hurt either.


3. Avoid staying in a hotel that attracts lots of children.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated resort experience on Disney property (and you can afford it), steer clear of the value resorts, which are designed to appeal mostly to children.  While some adults might not mind staying in the value resorts, the moderate and deluxe resorts feature more elegant and romantic themes that are more attuned to adult tastes.

4. Learn about the attractions in each theme park you plan to visit. 

This is best done before you arrive, so you can plan to visit the attractions that interest you most.  Even at less crowded times of the year, you can spend a fair amount of time waiting in line for entrance to rides and shows.  Don’t waste your precious vacation time waiting in line for something you find too kid-themed or that you might not enjoy.

5. If you plan to visit Epcot, plan to spend plenty of time in the World Showcase.

This area of the park is excellent for adults who are interested in different cultures.  The World Showcase features pavilions themed after different countries around the world.  Each “country” features its own entertainment in various forms, such as exhibits, rides, and of course, restaurants.  Many restaurants in the World Showcase have surprisingly authentic dining options, including beer and wine from around the world.and there’s a variety of beer and wine from around the world.  Adult guests often enjoy spending an afternoon eating or drinking their way around the World Showcase.

6. Don’t forget to embrace your inner child (at least a little bit).

While you can certainly enjoy Walt Disney World skipping many of the child-friendly activities, don’t forget that some of them are just as much fun for adults.  If you’re willing to embrace your surroundings, you might be surprised at how magical Walt Disney World can be, even if your childhood is decades behind you.

Follow these tips and you’ll see that you don’t have to be a kid (or have one) in order to have a fantastic vacation at Walt Disney World.  You’ll find that there’s something for everyone, and that Disney magic extends to all ages.