Why Alice Springs Should be First on Your List When Visiting Australia


Many who have visited Alice Springs say that it is the soul of Central Australia and a tourist mecca. This town became famous thanks to the novel “A town Like Alice” written by Nevil Shute. This town has a rich culture and history, and has many things to offer to its visitors, including the iconic historic and cultural sites, as well as shops, entertainment and many attractions.

It is always exciting to visit Alice Springs, mainly because it is one great destination to explore. After you visit this wonderful town, you will always remember it for the personality of the locals, the natural wonders and all the art pieces that embellish Alice Springs.

Although there are numerous other interesting towns in Australia, Alice Springs should be the first one you visit, as it has something special to give you- a unique experience. You can enjoy exploring the vibrant Aboriginal culture and hear six different, unique Australian languages spoken on the streets of this very town. You will love the comfort of the accommodation you find, as this town is known for good places to stay and happy visitors. You will have the opportunity to see things you’ve never seen before, such as white gum trees and ochre-red gorges which are quite common in this area. And finally (for some-best of all)- the food. You will absolutely love the food and the restaurants that will provide you with some of the best dining experiences you’ve ever had.

Here are some of the things you can do in Alice Springs.

1. Alice Camp ‘n’ Drive


If you like camping, but you didn’t bring your camping equipment to Australia, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it. Alice Camp ‘n’ Drive rent out packs in which you will have a sleeping bag, swags, esky, barbeque equipment and utensils. And you can get all that for $45 per person for 24 hours, which is enough to experience sleeping under the Australian sky and enjoy the nature.

2. Dreamtime Tours

By going on this three-hour tour, you will be provided with the opportunity to interact with Walpiri Aboriginal people and become familiar with their traditions. You can go on this tour by bus along with other tourists, but if you want to avoid crowding and want a more intimate experience, you can go by your own car or other vehicle.

3. Outback Cycling

Alice Springs has some amazing landscapes and great areas for biking. If you didn’t bring your own bicycle, you can rent a mountain bike and explore the town and its surroundings this way. Biking is actually a great way to get to know the area and have a more personal experience. You can also rent children’s bikes if you’re bringing your family to enjoy this experience with you.

4. Hot Air Ballooning

Waking up before the sun rises and going up in the air with a hot air balloon is an experience you’ll never forget- if you decide to try it out. From up there, you’ll see the amazing landscapes and wildlife. While you’re floating, enjoy watching the beautiful sunrise which stretches across desert oaks and mulga scrub. You’ll also probably see a kangaroo or more of them. You can choose whether you’ll have a half-hour balloon flight or a full hour, and after you’ve seen all the wonders from above and landed, you’ll be served refreshments and be able to relax and enjoy the calmness of the desert.

5. Alice Springs Desert Park

If you haven’t seen much of Australia’s wildlife, this is your chance. In Alice Springs Desert Park, you will definitely see many native creatures worth seeing all in one place. Although these animals are in one place, their natural environments are recreated, so you’ll also be able to see an inland river, woodland and sand country. There are transfers to this park from Alice Springs five times per day, so you can choose the time you want to go there.

There are also various museums in this town, many outdoor activities you can enjoy, many great people you can meet, and some of the most beautiful sceneries in Australia. Going there is never a mistake, and if you choose Alice Spring as one of your tourist destination, you will surely enjoy every second you spend there.